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Limited liability legislation is good for both business and clean water. For more information on why StopOverSalting is supporting this legislation, check out the SOS Overview.

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Legislation Updates 3/20/19

HF1502 has moved through House Environment Policy, Water and Finance committees. In Finance the following amendment passed: See Subdivision 2, section b,c,d, for added language “in consultation with the University of Minnesota”. Next House committee is Judiciary Finance and Civil Law.

SF1667 is introduced.

SOS expects that the bills will need the biggest advocacy push in the committees that deal with legal issues including House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law and Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy.


You can follow these bills on the web page of the Minnesota Legislature: Here. You can also sign up to get alerts on the progress of the bills by adding the bill numbers to My Bills.


You can support these bills by: phoning or e-mailing your legislators and/or the legislators on the relevant committees. You can join SOS members at the hearings. Look for our members wearing a teaspoon on a red cord.

Background & Bill Overview

Rep. Fischer, Democrat from Maplewood, and Sen. Carrie Rudd, Republican from Breezy Point, are authoring legislation aimed at reducing the over application of chloride for deicing. While applicators in the public sector are reducing chloride use, little progress is being made in the private sector. Chloride pollution from private sector properties is estimated to range from 5 to 45 percent of the chloride problem in any given watershed. House File #1502/Senate File #1667 targets chloride applied to parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways by private sector applicators. The bill would provide limited liability from slip-and-fall lawsuits for applicators that are trained, certified and using best practices for winter deicing. The bill would also expand the MPCA Smart Salting training program statewide and allow the MPCA to charge a fee for training and certification.

One state already has legislation: New Hampshire.

Statements of Support