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Road salt is permanently and irreversibly polluting Minnesota’s waters.

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To Our Fellow Minnesotans,

Over-salting happens anytime more deicing salts than needed are applied to roads, parking lots and sidewalks to melt snow and ice. Over-salting is 100% unnecessary pollution.

The chloride in deicers kills fish and hurts pets. It is accumulating in drinking water sources and costs millions in repairs to roads and bridges, buildings, furnishing and landscaping every year. Every teaspoon of deicer applied this winter will permanently pollute five gallons of water in our Minnesota lakes, rivers and ground water.

Our fact sheet explains why fears about public safety and lawsuits are the main reasons over salting occurs and how legislation to protect commercial applicators from lawsuits will reduce the amount of deicing salts used in Minnesota.

You can help!


StopOverSalting (SOS) is a group of citizen volunteers who found common ground in their concerns about chloride pollution and advocate for strategies to reduce over salting and maintain safe winter surfaces on roads, parking lots and sidewalks.